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Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to extend the duration of Photos in the slideshow option?.

This is the easiest method of doing this in Power Director 8.

1.Insert your fotos in to the time line. The preset time duration of a slide 5 sec appeared initially.
2.Click one of the foto in the time line. then the magic motion icon appeared on the left of the time line area.
3.Click magic motion icon and the Magic motion window opens.
4. Select any motion style and it will applied to selected foto with a fade transition. (and you can customize the motion also),
5. If u want to apply to all slides , click apply to all and you will see all the same affect is applied with fade transitions. (I suggest u to select random motion when applying to all)
6. You can adjust the slide duration individually and also select all the clips on timeline (SHIFT+Click) and adjust the duration of all.
7. You can change the transitions as well.

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