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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Select your version of Windows 7

Select your version of Windows 7

The main purpose of this trick is not to hack copies of Windows 7, but to choose the version that will be installed legally. You must therefore have a license to activate the version you will choose.


Deleting a single file from your copy of Windows 7 will let you choose between these versions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate. This is useful especially for netbook users looking to install the Starter version from their Ultimate Version installation DVD.


You must have the necessary equipment to implement these manipulations:
  • Windows 7 installation DVD
  • DVD Player/burner
  • A blank DVD
  • A complete computer (mouse, keyboard, screen)
  • A statutory license for the version you plan to install

The steps

To get the screen that lets you choose your edition of Windows 7, follow these steps:
  • Put your Windows 7 installation DVD in the drive of your computer:
  • Copy the contents of your DVD to a folder on your desktop (or on a USB key, etc ...)
  • Open the folder and then open the folder "Sources".
  • Tap twice on 'E' on your keyboard and delete the (ei.cfg) file
  • Insert blank DVD that has already been prepared
  • Burn the files to your folder (select the files using CTRL + A )
  • Upon launching the installation of Windows 7, using your custom DVD, you will be prompted to choose the version you wish to install.

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